Q-Ball Com Cam System

The Com-Cam is widely used at many major sporting events and football matches.

The Com-Cam was developed to meet the demand for a small, remote pan and tilt head with a high-resolution camera, whilst keeping the profile as small as possible.   Combining the Q-Ball all-in-one remote camera system, together with the Triple Axis Mini Joystick Control provides an ultra-compact, fully remote Com-Cam camera system and Lite Panels Astra 1 x 1 Bi-Colour.

The Com-Cam not only gives shots of the Commentator and his/her guests, the commentator is also able to pan the camera to capture the on-field action.

Up to five separate Com-Cams or five separate remote heads of mixed types can be controlled by one Triple Axis Mini Joystick.  Reverse settings and control speeds are stored individually for each of the five channels.

Iris, colour control and ATW are controlled via the Triple Axis Mini Joystick without the need for an additional RCP/CCU.


Camera/Interface Specifications
Camera sensor1/3” 2mpixel CMOS
Lens10 x zoom  – 5.1mm  –  51mm

5.10 – 510 angle of view

W/A adapter7.10  –  710 angle of view
HD formats720p/1080i   50/59.94hz
SD formats625/50 (PAL)  and 525/59.94hz (NTSC) 16×9 or 4×3
Signal to noise50db
Shutter speed1/2 to 1/1000sec
Minimum illumICR off mode: 12 lux @ F1.8

ICR on mode : 1 lux (typical)

Focus systemManual or Auto
Outputs3 x SD/HD-SDI
Audio4 channel balanced audio embedded channels


Pan & Tilt Specifications
Overall diameter11.5cm/4.5in
Max pan/tilt speed3600 –  4 sec
Min pan/tilt speed3600 –  30 min
SlipringsFull pan & tilt sliprings
Power supply9v  –  18v DC 4 watts
Cable5.5mm multicore
Cable length5m, 10m, 20m, 30m
ConnectorLemo 7 pin
Control systemCamera Corps audio data control system